2019 #SonicMovie – Actor Frank C. Turner Revealed in New Teaser Images! (#SonicNews)

2019 #SonicMovie - Actor Frank C. Turner Revealed in New Teaser Images! (#SonicNews)
We’re getting our first sighting of actor Frank C. Turner that can be seen at the filming for the #2019SonicMovie in downtown Ladysmith, BC.

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Images: YVRShoots – http://www.hollywoodnorth.buzz/2018/09/big-movie-sonic-the-hedgehog-adaption-with-jim-carrey-james-marsden-in-ladysmith.html
Frank C. Turner bio: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003964/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm
Clarification: https://twitter.com/AmandaFlagg/status/1041858281717739520

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2019 #SonicMovie – Actor Frank C. Turner Revealed in New Teaser Images! (#SonicNews)
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17 thoughts on “2019 #SonicMovie – Actor Frank C. Turner Revealed in New Teaser Images! (#SonicNews)”

  1. Frank looks like Elise's father from Sonic 06! I COULD make a joke out Elise and her father being "confirmed" for the Sonic movie but I'll leave that one alone.

  2. Even though i like jim carrey, and I'm sure the other actors are good too…i still was just hoping that if a sonic movie came out it would be like the games. Almost no humans…i can't focus on Sonic's world being realistic when there are humans all around him.

  3. I wish the other sonic characters like tails, knuckles, shadow, and amy were in this too. Cream, blaze, rouge…Gamma…if it's a sonic movie it should at least include his friends/enemies…i think shadow is an anti-hero lol

  4. The fact that everything we've seen of this movie so far has little to no relation to sonic is worrying to me

  5. as much as I want to give this film a chance, I get a feeling it's gonna end up like transformers, Tom the cop is gonna be the sam witwicky of the film and is gonna be the main focus, tika sumpter is gonna be nothing but eye candy like mikaela from transformers, and sonic is gonna have 10- 20 minutes of screen time like the transformers…Now I could be wrong…but something tells me it's gonna turn out like transformers.

  6. I bet he'll be like, the policemans dad or something. Or the wise-ol-small-town-kook-who-secretly-knows-everything XP

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