8 Free Victoria British Columbia Shore Excursions

8 Free Victoria British Columbia Shore Excursions
In continuing with our Alaskan shore excursion series, in this video ( https://youtu.be/JligCmKh4Rg ) we take a look at 8 free shore excursion that you can take in Victoria British Columbia!!

Don’t forget to email us a picture of you on your latest cruise along with the ship name to be featured in an upcoming video!!!

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8 Free Victoria British Columbia Shore Excursions
Canadian Riviera

10 thoughts on “8 Free Victoria British Columbia Shore Excursions”

  1. Ghost tour-awesome! We are planning to do a whale watch in September- I wonder if the whale watch boat is haunted-lol

  2. So much to do, so little time if you're on a shore excursion though. I don't know how it is on the Bliss but we'll be there on the Grand in June and we're only there from 7am to 2pm. Definitely need to choose wisely!

  3. Hurrah for this… Victoria is the one place we have not booked something ahead of time. And we have 12 hours there next week. Noon til Midnight. Will report back if we do any of your suggestions.

  4. Love the video – question?? Do you know best way to get to Chinatown from cruise ship in Victoria? I have to there… Thanks!

  5. So glad you guys did this. I had no idea what my sisters and I could do. I’m sending this video to them. Hopefully we can pick one. See you on Bliss! Thanx!

  6. Great video! Since I’m very much into the paranormal I would do the ghost tour! I love love history!!!!!

  7. Great suggestions guys, I might have to keep them in mind when we are in Victoria BC post cruise in August

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