Abandoned Queen of Sidney Ferry Mission BC – BC Ferries

Abandoned Queen of Sidney Ferry Mission BC - BC Ferries
Queen of Sidney Ferry

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Builders: Victoria Machinery Depot of Victoria
Burrard Dry Dock of Vancouver

Operators: BC Ferries

Succeeded by: Victoria Class

Built: 1960

In service: 1960–2000 & 1960–2008

Completed: 2

Retired: 2

The Sidney Class consists of the original two ferries built for the British Columbia Ferry Corporation in 1960. The design for the ships was based on the MV Coho ferry with changes made to accommodate loading of vehicles through the bow of the vessel.

After more than 40 years of service, the Queen of Sidney (Hull 85) was retired on November 28, 2000. The Queen of Tsawwassen (Hull 309) continued in service until the fall of 2008. A decommissioning ceremony was held on September 27, 2008 at the Deas Pacific Marine shipyard.

These two ships spent almost all of their service life identical to when they were constructed, except for an expansion of the restaurant areas, due to unexpected food demand shortly after they commenced service

Overall length: 102.49m
Gross tonnage: 3127.33 tons
Propulsion: Two Mirrlees
Car capacity: 138
Passenger Capacity: 989
Service speed: 18 knots

The Queen of Tsawwassen was built at Burrard Dry Dock in Vancouver, while the Queen of Sidney was built at Victoria Machinery Depot in Victoria.

Abandoned Queen of Sidney Ferry Mission BC – BC Ferries
Canadian Riviera Vancouver Island

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  1. (Sighs) The poor Queen of Sidney sitting in the Frasier River, falling apart and rotting away. If I had a ship like the good old Queen itself, I'd use it as a film set/my own houseboat etc. I would also sail it everywhere around the world too, if I wanted to.

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