Airforce Beach, Comox Airforce Museum and Canadian Airforce planes

Airforce Beach, Comox Airforce Museum and Canadian Airforce planes

The Comox Air Force Museum | Documenting significant achievements in West Coast Military Aviation History.

American Bald Eagle

Airforce Beach, Comox Airforce Museum and Canadian Airforce planes
Canadian Riviera

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  1. This video had a ton of music in it when I Uploaded it. I have no idea what happened to the music. I am so sorry this was so boring.

  2. Carolyn, I'd rather see more you and less museum! The music is probably copywrite so got edited by the youtube computers. Even if you're just talking nonsense, it's more interesting than a museum I probably wouldn't go to anyway. That's not to say you shouldn't show museums, but making most of your video out of it doesn't keep my attention. Plus it kind of feels like you're plagiarizing the museum curator's work to make an easy video.

  3. I love the planes. It is so amazing that they can even fly. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and happy trails, Love ya Joyce

  4. Great video Carolyn! You are taking us places a lot of us will never get to see in our lifetime, so thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. 3 things that really melt my Buttah! Heh! Singing. Pretty feet and a DUDE WHO FLIES IN UNIFORM. But seriously ( ? ). That's a very cool dedicated air museum. LOVED looking – it reminds me of Castle AFB here in central Cal. I travel for the Air Races and war birds Shows. My father was 35 years IN w/ USAF, came out a 2 star Bird. Then I married the Navy 20 years. Aye Yi Yi! Anywho – yeah retired service geezers – HAHAHA! I'm so glad you went on over into Victoria! Fiona is a great guide, friend and company! 35 years ago the other day for the Popo Acad. huh? Wow! We are only a year apart. What were ya 19 or 20 when you joined? My stars we were CHILDREN! 😎👍🏼🌷💗 has it been 43 years since HS graduation ? Nooo 😱42 for you? So you were early 20's. I'm so Aspie-wired I have to relate others life stories to MY own time frame to "get" the full picture. Oops took a deep dive into a comment! Woke up on the GOOD side today! Yay! Have a super pleasant day my dear! 💗🤘🏼😎🌷

  6. Good to see so much natural beauty left in this world. Interesting tour, thanks, Carolyn!

  7. Only difference is…is the tempature! As Americans we dont live in the frozen tundra! Canada is beautiful and sweet people…but brrr!

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