Black Rock Oceanfront Resort || Room Tour & Review

Black Rock Oceanfront Resort || Room Tour & Review
In this video, we review our stay at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in Ucluelet, BC Canada off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Sit back as we give you a tour of the resort, the grounds, our Studio Trail suite and a quick review of our experience and food at the Float bar & lounge.

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1. If you don’t mind a short walk to the main hotel, you can save on your nightly rate by booking a Trail Suite. Even though it rained a fair amount during our visit, we really enjoyed the tranquility of being away from the hotel.

2. If you fly in to the Tofino Airport, it may be cheaper to rent a car from the airport. There is only one Taxi in town and it has a one-way flat rate. If you decide not to rent a car, the town is about a 15 minute brisk walk and the Co-op is well equipped with food & supplies, just bring a backpack or some cloth bags to make it easier to bring back to the hotel.

3. Sign up for the Black Rock email list. Every now and then they send out deals on nightly rates or packages.

4. Keep a look out for their gift card sale!!! After we booked, we found out they were selling discounted gift cards that could be used in the restaurants and for the nightly room rate!!!!! This helped us save a pretty penny!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We’d be happy to help however we can!

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Black Rock Oceanfront Resort || Room Tour & Review
Canadian Riviera Vancouver Island

10 thoughts on “Black Rock Oceanfront Resort || Room Tour & Review”

  1. Wow… that looks amazing! That bed looks like luxury comfort that will hold you and snuggle you deep into your sleep! ❤ When did you guys get all of these new videos posted??? I thought I was all caught up! Love the rain shower…. so nice… you guys must have felt like royalty!

  2. so sorry i let this video slip through the cracks….hope you don't fire me as a subber! 🙁 you guys always stay at the best places!!!!!!!! 🙂 firm believers???? wow… long did you save that one up for – super cool! 🙂 we may just have to get lost at vancouver island someday! we would love in floor heating….except up here….it would all freeze up 🙁 ben loves the bathtub! 🙂 great place….but we will need a super 8 hotel – one that might allow people with lesser finances to stay there and not laugh at them….:) wow…a broom and dust pan too? okay…i'm staying there for sure!!! 🙂 wow..u guys have eagles up there…awesome!!!! 🙂 nice float lounge…is it called that because in bad storms it may float away or because of how people have to float back to their rooms at the end of the night? 🙂 ben had a vodka martini….so that's why he has a great big Ben smile? 🙂 🙂 i so want to stay there guys – thanks, eh!!!!!!

  3. Oh… My… Goodness…. YES PLEASE!!! That place is seriously a piece of heaven…. WOW! That is an amazing bathroom!! That rain shower… and that tub!! In floor heating….?! ….. :O….. Talk about luxury! And that food looks delicious!! I have NEVER heard of this place…. but it is now on my bucket list…. this place looks AMAZING!!! Thank YOU for sharing!! Wow!!! I am in awe!!!

  4. This was so incredible! I got so sucked in I couldn't comment on the details well watching because that was too distracting so I'll have to watch it through again to leave a better comment but Bob did pick up on Ben's "Old School" reference!! 😂😂😂 I'll be back in a bit with another comment!

  5. I want to go to Ucluelet! It seems really neat. That resort looks lovely and that bed looks amazinggggg!

  6. That is such a lovely resort and the views!!! Such a nice room. Love me some filtered water. The Ben mattress test. Yes! Rain showers are amazing. I guess the toilet could become an abode if your stomach is really jacked up. Haaa! 🤣 Which May happen if you make Thanksgiving dinner in there. Eagles are so majestic. That’s a place to definitely get some relaxation. The food looked delicious. So very nice there!

  7. You Guys are lucky you share the same mattress likes lol. Ooh that shower. Good ol rain 🌧

  8. This place look absolutely amazing…. And thanks alot for the music credit guys 😘😘😘 i really appreciate 😍

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