British Columbia vancouver island…. exploring comox lake

British Columbia vancouver island.... exploring comox lake
Join the peachey family as we explore and have fun in the most amazing places on vancouver island. City to city, town to town, mountain to mountain, forest to forest, until we explore it all. Maybe a few haunted locations aswell?? Let’s explore!!

The Peachey Family does so many different videos, from toys to haunted fun, exploring to meditating…. whatever you want we will do, wherever you want us to go, we will go just let us know!!! You get a say in where we explore next let us know in the comments. Or if you’d like to see something different, write it down in the comments what your favorite videos are and we will do more of them!! We want you to be happy with what you watch!

The Peachey Family thanks you for your continued support in helping us reach our 10,000 subscriber goal. We love you! And remember stay peachey, live everyday the peachey way!!! Xoxo.

British Columbia vancouver island…. exploring comox lake
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