Cape Scott Hike- Vancouver Island – Part 2

Cape Scott Hike- Vancouver Island - Part 2
The second half of our hike to Cape Scott Provincial Park on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada last summer.

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In this part, we wake up on Nissen Bight, hike our way over to Nels Bight and spend the day exploring the 2 1/2 km of beach. At low tide, we got a whole 500 m to explore. At high tide, or at least THIS high tide nearly all of the beach is swallowed up, forcing campers off the beach in the middle of the night.

The next day we head to Cape Scott Lighthouse, where we chatted with the lighthouse keeper and marvelled not at the views, but at the gardens and manicured lawns.

This video features some of the histories of the early settlers and the lighthouse, as well as tidal pool critters, natures bubble wrap, beach combing, giant bear poop, beach garbage swings, and a shark.
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Cape Scott Hike- Vancouver Island – Part 2