Cape Scott Vancouver Island- Best Backpacking Trip of the Year – Part 1

Cape Scott Vancouver Island- Best Backpacking Trip of the Year - Part 1
Last summer Clay and headed to northern Vancouver Island to hike the Cape Scott Trail. Starting with a night at San Joseph Bay, we hiked up Mt St. Patrick, then made the 16 km hike Nissen Bight.

The Cape Scott area was once shared territory of the Tlatlasikwala, Nakumgilisala and Yutlinuk First Nations. The Yutlinuk died out in the early 1800s and the Tlatlasikwala and Nakumgilisala joined in the 1850s, then joined again with other First Nations to become the Nahwitti.

The first European settlers to the area were Danish. They arrived in 1896 but had mostly abandoned their homesteads by 1909. Another wave of Europeans and Americans arrived in 1913, but mostly dissipated by 1918 thanks to conscription for WW1. By this time, a rough corduroy road had been built throughout the area. The trail follows these roads and the old logs still cover the trail in many places. Telegraph wire, building remains, old farm equipment, fences, and dykes can be found throughout the park.

Cape Scott itself was used as a radar station in WWII and is now home to a lighthouse. …I’m getting ahead of myself though. In this video, we only make it to Nissen Bight where we meet a pile (literally a pile) of land fleas.

That is where this video ends.

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Cape Scott Vancouver Island- Best Backpacking Trip of the Year – Part 1