Capital City ComicCon 2018 Vlog! (Victoria BC)

Capital City ComicCon 2018 Vlog! (Victoria BC)
(READ ME!!) WARNING! There is minor swearing. Hi there! This is my first ever convention vlog. I really hope you like it! Sorry for the crappy quality, it was all recorded on my iPhone. It’s really long so bless y’all for watching it all the way through XD !
This channel of mine was mainly for just music videos and spoofs in the past, but I’d like to share more cosplay related videos since that has become my main hobby as of late. Since 2016 cosplaying has become a huge and main part of my life !It’s literally one of the only things that makes me SO happy 😀 !! This con was the first ever of its kind in my town, and it was a fun time. I regret not taking as much footage of other cosplayers, but it’s impossible to do everything at such a busy convention. Can’t wait for next year!

Convention: Capital City Comic Con, Victoria BC. (March 16-18 2018)
Cosplays I wore: Catwoman, Cheshire (Teen titans), Ladybug

Credits!!! Please bare with me as I add everyone! These are everyone’s Instagram accounts!

Blackcat is the cosplayer Ridd1e !
The Wasp is: wildered_shapeshifter
Arthas: Fiendlike
cheerleader: Batarangkisses
Star guardian Lulu: noriko.cos
Princess peach: Mochamage
Taako: honey.lagoon
Lup: rutzabagel
BlackWidow: the.queen.bee.cosplay
Nightcrawler and Prince Ashitaka: Deaconmarshall
Emma frost: Alexxastasia
Captain America: canadiancaptainamerica

Capital City ComicCon 2018 Vlog! (Victoria BC)
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  1. You look so beautiful as Catwoman' did you know that I watch a DC TV show called Gotham and I like Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman ' songs I heard in your video that I liked is Halsey Ghost and Major Lazer and DJ Snake feat MO Lean On ' great video

  2. Was there on Sunday and loved your ladybug cosplay! Haha I was too nervous to say anything though

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