Port Renfrew

Port Renfrew // Pacific Northwest

This trip was meaningful in a number of ways; seeing the negative impact climate change has had with the forest fires in BC was definitely saddening, yet it was...

Port Renfrew Polar Bear Swim 2016 vrs 2

The 4th annual Port Renfrew community Polar Bear Swim was a huge success ! AND…the community raised 0 for the local youth music program through coffee donations. The day...

Sombrio Port Renfrew Surf Edit Dec 2015

Port Renfrew Surf Edit Canadian Riviera Vancouver Island

American Dipper in Port Renfrew, BC 2015

This bird was flashing it’s white eyelids at us and then flew down to search for aquatic invertebrates in the water. Canadian Riviera Vancouver Island

Avatar Grove, Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, BC

Avatar Grove, a 10-hectare preserve of old-growth Douglas fir and Western red cedar outside of Port Renfrew, BC. It contains (among others) the 1000 year-old Red Creek Fir, the...

River snorkelling in Port Renfrew bc

Canadian Riviera Vancouver Island