Vancouver Island Surfing

Surfing Eastside of Vancouver Island

Some footage I filmed a few years ago and just found. Canadian Riviera

Kye Peladeau Surfing Tofino vancouver island

fall session near tofino. Canadian Riviera

Section 8 Surf weekend Ucluelet – Vancouver Island – Week #7 Next to awesome ski & snowboarding on Mount Washington, there is way more cool stuff to do on Vancouv… Canadian Riviera

Tip to Tip: A Surf Exploration of Vancouver Island

My Project for PHED 491 was to create a documentary exploring and describing surf breaks on Vancouver Island. I only had just over a couple months to make it…...

Vancouver Island surfers hanging out with our Orcas

The dudes who hang out “up island” in the surf at Tufino, Vancouver Island are a special breed …or maybe they are just stoned? ­čÖé Canadian Riviera

Surfing on Vancouver Island, Cox Bay, Tofino

Some fun clean waves at Cox Bay, Tofino. October 2013. Canadian Riviera

Surfing Renney, Vancouver Island

Canadian Riviera

Raph Bruhwiler surfing at home , Vancouver Island

Raph Bruhwiler surfing at home on Vancouver Island B.C Filmed by: Sepp Bruhwiler, Party Marty, Matt Curry, Hertzy, Jay Feaver Music: Trooper. Canadian Riviera