COUGAR STALKS MAN shortened version, no music

COUGAR STALKS MAN shortened version, no music
North of Campbell River
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Adam was out shed hunting and setting up trail cameras and he looked over and saw a cougar starring at him, he was 15 meters at one point, this was filmed with a small pocket camera so forgive the footage, watch till the end, the cougar is not afraid and was definitely interested in eating him. The Tom cougar was scared off 3 times and returned without fear. We are only interested in sharing this close encounter for viewers enjoyment…please no negative comments needed. The cougar was not harmed in any way. Adam attempted to scare off the cat 3 times off of camera without success.
We estimated the cougar to be approximately 140 pounds. This was taken March 1st, 2018 just north of Campbell River. Adam is a avid shed hunter and trail camera enthusiast and loves to share his experiences with everyone. Thank you for watching. And thank you for
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COUGAR STALKS MAN shortened version, no music
Canadian Riviera

6 thoughts on “COUGAR STALKS MAN shortened version, no music”

  1. the big kitty just wants to play! he's not there to eat you up….look at those cute round eyes, it couldn't be thinking of eating you to pieces right? hahaha

  2. Just one reason to never, ever leave home without at least one handgun….whether the predator is 4-legged or 2-legged.

  3. You're comment on the cougar definitely interested in eating him isn't warranted. If he was interested in eating him, he would have. This looks like a cougar used to being around humans, and maybe even fed by humans. At any rate, as is typical with these animals, they can be easily intimidated and scared off. A great example of why everyone should carry bear spray with them.

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