You Got This – Motivational Quotes | Natasha Courtenay-Smith

You Got This – Motivational Quotes | Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Last year, I really got into mindfulness and I find motivational quotes a great way to keep motivated and be inspired.

In this video, I’m having a quiet moment reading this motivational quotes book I picked up in the grass hut in Huckletree

Here, I’m talking about
⚡I find that when I’m worrying, what actually ends up happening is not what I was originally worrying about. So you’re better off not worrying but going out and getting busy.
⚡You are what you believe yourself to be, your mind creates your reality – someone can have the same set of experiences as you do but will perceive it in a completely different way
⚡Fortune favors the bold – you create your own luck when you’re daring because that’s how you get results which is something I’ve learnt in during my life when it’s come to flipping properties and starting businesses.

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You Got This - Motivational Quotes | Natasha Courtenay-Smith