EF Vancouver Island 2k18

EF Vancouver Island 2k18
Hi classmates, schoolmates, friends, other EF students, parents or just those who randomly ended up to this video!

By this 13-minutes-movie I would like to give y’all the opportunity to see my journey through my eyes. And if you couldn’t see it in the shots yet, I’ll let you read it again:

Vancouver Island literally stole my heart. It contains the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen and the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’ve done so many things that I couldn’t even imagine and there is no single second that I wished to be somewhere else. I will miss this place so badly but one day I will be back, till I see you again, Vancouver Island.

Thanks to everyone who made those 4 weeks the best month of my whole life.


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EF Vancouver Island 2k18