Ferry From Nanaimo To Vancouver | Van Life Canada

Ferry From Nanaimo To Vancouver | Van Life Canada
Thought I would Share Our Ferry Ride From Nanaimo to Vancouver BC. #vanlife #vancityvanlife #vanlifecanada

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Ferry From Nanaimo To Vancouver | Van Life Canada

19 thoughts on “Ferry From Nanaimo To Vancouver | Van Life Canada”

  1. Carolyn's RV Life is a real, very good, channel, and she wouldn't be watching your or anyone else's videos right now because she's in Alaska or on her way back from Alaska. No internet for live streams when you "blocked" her channel. You should check her out. She's a real person and believes in a lot of the same things you do. Could be a real help to you and your channel some day.

  2. Are the ferry traffic always that bad or is it because hurricane Hector that just missed Hawaii well I hope you don't have to worry about that

  3. That was fun, man. Are all the ferries up there big ships like that? I wanna ride another one, Chrome. The traffic waiting had to be unbearable. Is there a time of day or night when not as many passengers are wanting to ride? Lovin' the WeirdosUnite font style in the Credits frame, dude.

  4. omg I love your daily vlog can't wait into come a sponsor chrome, your blogs make my day amazing so peaceful , can't wait to see the next one. thanks for sharing your life with us. I glad the other day you and disco had a lazy day great rest makes your soul better and crafty

  5. Crome…..Canada is so Beautiful!!!!! Thank you for taking me there….as I'd probably never get to actually go there. It is Gorgeous!!!!!!! But what about the winter??? I bet it's cold cold cold!!!!!!!
    Keep goin Crome!!!! You're doing excellent!!!!!!! Love you two!!!!!❤
    be blessed…………

  6. Hey there's a black Box underneath your steering wheel by your feet in if you pull the black Box out you won't get the beeping

  7. Does Disco eat pretty much eat anything? I can only imagine the look I would get from my dog if I offered him a snack made from pea powder. 🤣😂🐶

  8. Can't wait until you get the sub count you deserve. Your channel is so much better than some of the channels with twice the subs! Keep it up man!

  9. Thanks again for sharing your road trips, hope to visit someday. I just got my passport renewed here in the USA. If I come your way would love to doggie sit Disco.

  10. Lol Cross your fingers Disco…..snore….lol! He is adorable. My dog could snore with his eye open too. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Weird is beautiful.

  11. Straight off the ferry and in to Whytecliffe Park. Niiiiice!!! Used to go cliff jumping there as a kid.

  12. You always need reservations to get on the ferry. We do all the time. One way to guarantee to get on the ferry. But then again you can luck out like you did. Hope you can make it to Comox Valley one day.

  13. Thanks for sharing guys the only ferry I've been on is to isle of Wight a few years ago with my family loved it the meal on it was nice too XXX

  14. Every time you tell Disco how cute he is I remember a french saying my mom and memere used to share. Translated it says, "a face only a mother could love". Yup, Disco is one lucky, very happy dog.

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