FLOATING Off-Grid Paradise: Freedom Cove (Tofino, Canada)

FLOATING Off-Grid Paradise: Freedom Cove (Tofino, Canada)
I’ve had this one on my bucket list ever since I moved to the island and we finally made it happen! Thanks to Catherine and Wayne for taking the time to show us around and sharing their story!

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FLOATING Off-Grid Paradise: Freedom Cove (Tofino, Canada)
Canadian Riviera

9 thoughts on “FLOATING Off-Grid Paradise: Freedom Cove (Tofino, Canada)”

  1. There’s a guy like this that floats around Cancun/ isla mujeres. Floats completely out of old plastic bottles

  2. Great video. Really inspiring, thank you for sharing this. Would be great to meet you guys on the road!

  3. I cannot remember – do they run on Solar (panel) energy? Also, do they have reservoirs for their water, or filtration for the salt water that surrounds them?

  4. great vids thanks! one suggestion, cut them in half and only keep the most relevant parts, too much fluff people don't have time for

  5. It must be nice to live there, away from all the hustle of the city. Been to Tofino, its really nice. Have you tried going to botanical beach?

  6. Wow, couldn't grasp how sweet that place was until the drone zoomed out! Tentative retirement goal, what a beautiful garden.

  7. What a spectacular home, thank you for sharing this! I always enjoy the way you share people's stories, and this was definitely an inspiring one!

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