Gold Prospecting BC

Gold Prospecting BC
This video my son and I head back up to our claim on the Wildhorse River…last minute we were invited/introduced by a fellow prospector to a great creek..So as a prospector always looking to try out new spots, who wouldnt want a chance for some chucky gold.

Gold Prospecting BC
Canadian Riviera Vancouver Island

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  1. I enjoyed the video and nice showing of gold. The music was a bit loud and annoying (no offense intended), just an observation. Good luck to you and your son on future adventures.

  2. super, can you tell Creek near Kelowna? send husband and son to shovel sweat?

  3. Cool video! I love the bedrock in those areas I'd love to see you swing a detector over it! Thanks for sharing

  4. Just out of curiosity, do you add dish soap to your pan water or is it bubbled due to the movement of the pan?

  5. Awesome mate, that looks like the slate/shale stuff I look for at the mine! Well done

  6. I dream of pickers 😉 looked like a fun trip ours season is over at the weekend…. Bugger. Will still go and do some testing or just for a cook up in the woods ,-)

  7. I took my holidays to the wildhorse last year nice gold there… worked higher up the banks

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