19 thoughts on “Gold Prospecting on the North Saskatchewan River.”

  1. It's great to see you and your son out prospecting. That's pretty good equipment to. the more dirt you move the better !!

  2. What a great Father & Son adventure. Thanks for sharing your time together and your prospecting dig with us!

  3. I like your home made power sluice. Looks like you are using the gold hog mat. That is a nice amount of fine gold, very good!

  4. Love your clean up sluice. What drop do you use? 1" per foot? As well what size of pump? I'm trying to get a clean up sluice to work and could use all the help I can get!!!

  5. What type of clean-up sluice and mat was that you were using. The mat looks like a ribbed mat of some sort?

  6. I am liking how that hopper box is working on your high banker, certainly looks like a hassle free machine which could process a lot of material in a given time. I'm definitely stealing ideas!!!

  7. Good times !!! It doesn't get any better than a father and son adventure. It looks like your son is an old pro already and he's having a great time. Good job there DAD !!!!!!

  8. Nice gold. loving the chicken breasts. Great vid mate. Keep digging ;-)

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