Great Gold in British Columbia!

Great Gold in British Columbia!
Well, a bit of a random adventure but our drone pilot Nick and I started at the Sooke Potholes to find some gold then after a few pans and trying some pay dirt I won from Gold Hound Prospecting, we decided to move quite a few miles upstream to one of our favorite spots. With acceptable weather, a drone, and a fever for gold – we turned it into a fun trip! I hope you enjoy.

– Pauly

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Great Gold in British Columbia!
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19 thoughts on “Great Gold in British Columbia!”

  1. Im just begining surching gold, here in France in Pyrenees , with my young son and a friend, we sleep in woods, and prospect. At the moment i m better at english than at finding gold, juste imagine lol. Your videos inspire us, and help us you can t imagine; go on make us dream. What you do, the way you do it and the person you are it s just " merveilleux"

  2. I love the use of the drone with you in the shots. Really well done. Your videos are so enjoyable. I think about them when I am having a stressful day in the stinking office. The scenery, your humility and humor. Brightens my day.

  3. Nice picker at the end in that crevice. I hope to find something with my metal detector the end of the month in California on my trip to The N Fork of American river !

  4. Is this your claim? I was reading that in BC you can only use a pan and shovel on public land. So no picks or detectors. I’m just getting into it so I’m looking for a little guidance. Love the videos.

  5. Paul, I lived in Sooke for about 18 year s . Will be 67 on oct 11 and plan to go prospecting this fall in the peace river country . I am watching youtube videos to learn stuff from people like you . I thank you kindly for sharing your videos and wish you the best of luck in your future adventures . Ken

  6. Good show my friend. Greetings from southern Oregon. Some good days, we find gold too.

  7. I’m lucky cause I only find bullets. I love bullets. You guys are wasting your time looking for gold, especially when you can find so many bullets.

  8. Awesome videos! Awesome channel! I wish I could do what you do instead of my 9-5 job.

  9. Nice vid!! I live in B.C! I love your videos! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I like your magic vampire snap , i bet you eat your steak rare huh . Love your videos and the country , you are very fortunate .

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