Greater Victoria British Columbia Canada 10/5/2018, Saanich Centre Save On Foods

Greater Victoria British Columbia Canada 10/5/2018, Saanich Centre Save On Foods
This video clip is from another TI friend’s shopping trip to the Victoria British Columbia Canada, Saanich Centre Save On Foods supermarket. I went along to buy things and give him a ride. Look at the slow moving people purposefully getting in the way to delay us, put shopping carts in our path, or loitering around nearby far longer than it takes to do their business. Gangstalker organized harassment perps do those kinds of things to annoy Targeted Individuals. Some of them will move around with nervous, uneasy facial expressions. Their actions are very subtle and you will need to watch the body language and slow the video down frame by frame. Look for actions that seem to repeat to oftern, seem forced and unnatural for the situation, etc. I was a former security staff and we are trained to look for micro expressions that would expose the lies and pretense. When people get anxious, their actions become forced, unnatural, and they will have a bigger chance of slipping up. The perps will try to crowd and mob around the TIs like wasps or bees. This is not a bad things as TIs can record 4, 5, 6 perps in one video shot than have to hunt them down one at a time. That would be too much work.

7:27 to 7:49, 9:26 to 9:32, 21:23 to 21:44, Look at the fat women pushing the shopping cart slowly to get in the way and when she gives a quick look and nod to the man with the orange hood jacket standing by the display rack. The other man of interest is the tall man in the dark blue vest with the shopping cart. He pretends to be shopping while staying behind to watch. Look at where he is starring. Gangstalking perps use the arriving and leaving timing to pull right in front of you on foot or in car. It is not probable that they start or finish anyone at the same time as you, all the time unless they are communicating to set it up. There are many other perps spread out in the store and I can pick them out based on their body language. Wheelchair guy at 9:30, 22:13 was following all over the store and stared at my phone in my jacket pocket at one point. He eventually talked to another older man in a blue t-shirt and jeans in the isle he was stopped at. I was on my ear piece talking to a security friend of mine while all this was going on, just like old times.

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Greater Victoria British Columbia Canada 10/5/2018, Saanich Centre Save On Foods
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