Haida Gwaii Fishing Charters | The Best Fishing In B.C | Wicked Salmon Charters

Haida Gwaii Fishing Charters | The Best Fishing In B.C | Wicked Salmon Charters
Haida Gwaii Fishing Charters | The Best Fishing In B.C | Wicked Salmon Charters. Haida Gwaii Fishing is known for its great fishing spots, local tours and scenery. Visit Wicked Salmon Charters today to book your next Haida Gwaii fishing trip. http://wickedsalmoncharters.com/

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We are located in Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii. We are a family run business we welcome families, kids and all ages to come charter with us. We offer day trips and overnight packages courtesy of the Hecate Inn. Our captains aboard are locals so you know you will get the best fishing spots in Haida Gwaii. They are very knowledgeable of the landscape and waters surrounding the area. We offer shuttle service from the airport as well, if you need help getting to us give us a call and we can help you plan your trip.

Finding a great place to go fishing on vacation is often a challenge. That is when you should learn about Haida Gwaii Fishing and Wicked Salmon Charters which is what makes this such a great place to go fishing. You will see this by learning about the location, the fish you can catch, and the way you will go fishing. By knowing this information it will be very easy for you to see this is one of the best places to go fishing and will make it easier for you to plan out your fishing trip.

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Location Of Haida Gwaii
While this name may make it sound like it would be an exotic land towards the islands in the Pacific this is actually a small archipelago off the coast of British Columbia in Canada. So the location has plenty to offer you, but it also is in a rainforest location as well. So you will not be disappointed in what it allows you to do. You just have to make sure you bring along some rain gear because unlike some of the rainforest climates that are very hot and humid this place is not going to be overly hot because of where it is located.

What Kind Of Fish Can You Catch
So what exactly would a fishing trip be if you do not know what kind of fish you can catch? It would be a mystery that is for sure. So we decided it was time to let you know about some of the fish you can catch when you are searching Haida Gwaii fishing charters.
The common types of fish that you will be able to catch are the wild caught halibut and salmon. These are different than what you would catch from a farm raised, but also are going to have some of the size differences as well. So this is definitely something for you to consider because it makes it easier for you to catch decent sized fish that will have plenty of meat for you to enjoy eating. You will also enjoy the fact that you can find cod in the area as well, which is what you will see as a common filet that you get from restaurants.

How Will You Go Fishing In Haida Gwaii
This is the best part, you will find the fishing here is so popular you will want to charter with our 24ft kingfisher boat. Haida Gwaii fishing charters will make it easier for you to have a good time, but it will also make it easier for you to enjoy your trip more because you get out on the water with a local captain at the helm who knows the area and where the fish are. You can do some fishing from the shores, but the chance of getting the fish from the shore is definitely less than what you would expect.
Fishing on vacation is a great way to enjoy your trip. However, what you will find is it can be hard to find a great place to go fishing at. This is when you should know about Wicked Salmon Charters and Haida Gwaii fishing. Also how this is going to be a great option for you to enjoy when you decide it is time for you to take a vacation that will allow you to bring home food, instead of gifts.

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Haida Gwaii Fishing Charters | The Best Fishing In B.C | Wicked Salmon Charters