J Cockatoo &1000 Hi At Butchart Gardens In Victoria BC Canada

J Cockatoo &1000 Hi At Butchart Gardens In Victoria BC Canada

Our Cockatoo’s Trip to Butchart Gardens In Victoria BC Canada and His 1000 Hi & Bye to people.
Please Enjoy watching this video and have a nice trip with us.
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Always Love & Peace
J Cockatoo &1000 Hi At Butchart Gardens In Victoria BC Canada
Canadian Riviera

19 thoughts on “J Cockatoo &1000 Hi At Butchart Gardens In Victoria BC Canada”

  1. Beautiful place ,it looks like her loves it! Your boy is adorable ,he makes us smile a lot!

  2. Here I am again (hope you get some $ for the number of comments).Joseph is just amazing! He's so friendly with everyone. Es & Sal, you have done such a great job raising him!

  3. Does Joseph ever get car sick? We once had a Greycheek Parakeet who got car sick threw up during a car trip! Actually it was kinda cute . . . .

  4. Joseph makes me smile so much with his "he-l-l-os". I just love the way he says this. Just adore this little guy! ❤

  5. Joseph really seems yo like there! It is a beautiful place. He seemed to like the orange colored flowers. He was quite engaged with the people around him. He is enjoying this day.

  6. Truly Gorgeous! I enjoyed this journey Soo Much! Thank You For Taking Us On Such Great Adventures! You Rock Angels! 😉 Love You XoxoxoO

  7. Funny! Joseph was so happy with that couple who were former breeders..he was engaged in conversation…especially with the women…Love you for taking us with you..What a beautiful park.

  8. You're always  "STARS" with people's attention and love in public places and outdoors!!! I want my pet bird……but I don't…..so I really enjoy your videos. I crush on Joseph and I envy you so much!!! Thank you for this beautiful flower- garden episode. This is the best one for me…..because I love flowers, too!!!

  9. Really enjoyed this video. Joseph
    really loves the attention of people.
    The Park was beautiful, and Joseph
    appreciated the outdoors. xx

  10. It's just so cute to see how much fun Joseph has when y'all take him places. Love the way he says "hello".

  11. Awe Baby Jo😍😍😍😘😘😘he kept sayin, hallo good boy, I love you🤗😍😍😍 Love ya lovely Family ❤❤❤

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