Jerry’s Service in Victoria BC, May 11th 2018

Jerry's Service in Victoria BC, May 11th 2018
Sadly, my father Jeremiah Hayes past away on May 8th 2018. This video is a selection of memories about his life given at a service for him in Victoria BC, on May 11th 2018.

Here are some reflections about Jerry written by my sister Mary Hayes.

“Diphtheria and an emergency tracheotomy at 2 months, stage 4 lymphoma 60 years later and a massive aneurysm a decade after that. We would joke that Jeremiah Francis Hayes was working through all nine lives. But Tuesday night, we all said our goodbyes and he died in his wife Nicole ‘s loving arms.

Definitely a Gryffindor by HP standards, I only wish his younger grandchildren could have known him better, because I see the best of him in them. Aim high, stay humble, ignore the insomnia. Hard working, tenacious, intellectually curious. An adventurous traveller, voracious reader of history and literature, James Joyce fan, Trivial Pursuit champion. An avid cyclist ( although not the kind to wear spandex), he taught us to enjoy sports, no matter if we were good or not. Sing because you love music, who cares if your voice is off key? There is always something to chuckle about, depending on how you look at it.

These are the things I loved about Jerry Hayes.”

Jerry’s Service in Victoria BC, May 11th 2018
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