Monthly Mail Time – January 2017

Monthly Mail Time – January 2017

Join Graham for unboxing the rest of January’s goodies!
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Monthly Mail Time - January 2017
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19 thoughts on “Monthly Mail Time – January 2017”

  1. Yay, reverse damage, my favourite card! Maybe it was because being fireballed was a bigger threat than creatures back in the day, maybe I was just bad at the game, but I loved that card. In reality it was probably on a par with Sengir Vampire for having the most attachment to a card that saw the least use of its function…

  2. listening in a different window, heard "Buried without Ceremony", tabbed over frantically. It's not monsterhearts, but eventually, AFK monsterhearts! The dream is alive.

  3. Given the pain you keep exposing Alex to on W&P, I'm surprised he only took the Malteasers and the Teasers. He's at least earned the Flake package, too.

  4. Why does the video for the VCR game need to be on youtube? Don't have a VCR? Have tapes degraded that badly?

  5. I think that "spider" hat might be one of the ugliest pieces of headwear you've been sent. Why LAVENDER for the head???

    On the plus side, turn it around backwards and it's a decent Christmas jester cap.

  6. Yeah, the insert was for the game. (And was from me as well, since they're super nice and the boot totally helps keep things organized during play.) Figured it could make a nice TTSF if a second low-intensity project was needed since all you need to put it together is white glue and some patience. And the intent was never to make fun of, it's more of a homage to the joy of card games that Friday Night and everything provide.

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