From Moose Jaw, SK to Nanaimo, BC | Cross Canada Travel Vlog

From Moose Jaw, SK to Nanaimo, BC | Cross Canada Travel Vlog

Aug 11 2015 – My dad and step mother had packed up their entire household and, driving a 30 foot transport truck and a car towing a trailer with another car full of stuff on it, were on their way from Ontario to Saskatchewan where we would meet. I decided to skip the first leg of the trip for a friend’s wedding in Quebec and I had already seen the prairies by car at age 12. There’s no need to see them twice honestly, so I caught a plane in Ottawa and flew to Regina where my uncle picked me up from the airport.
Regina was covered in small white and yellow butterflies which were massacred by every vehicle on the highway. My uncle dropped me off at his house in Moose Jaw. The heat was intense with no humidity. That evening, I drove my grandmother and I in my uncle’s van to the grocery store. At a traffic light, I rolled down the windows and we were immediately swarmed by at least two hundred mosquitoes. Lesson learned.
The next day, my dad and step mother arrived in their convoy. After much moving around of their belongings and vehicles and sweating in the heat, we were on the road. I rode in the cab in the yellow truck with my dad. The vibrating of the seat made my hands and feet go numb at first. We could only do about 4 or 5 hours of driving before we had to stop for the night in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
We had left the mosquitoes and butterflies behind and I had stayed consecutively in two of the weirdest named places in Canada.
Slept poorly in the refrigerated hotel room and early the next morning we were on our way. Note to self – eating a lot of fruit all day on the road will cause you to nearly die from the need to pee. There’s not a ton of rest stops between civilization in Alberta and British Columbia.
It wasn’t long before we could see the silhouettes of the Rockies looming over the highway. I couldn’t put my camera down for most of the trip.
My dad drove the transport expertly yet alarmingly on the winding mountain roads. Many of the roads look out over water and steep cliffs and the guard rails were smaller than the trucks wheels. I gripped the door to my right in a panic around the sharp curves in the road.
We stopped again at a motel in Revelstoke, BC. The motel didn’t allow pets so the cat was snuck in under a blanket and the dog was often shushed. We ordered amazing, fresh Japanese food for dinner and drank around the motel room table.
Our last day of travel, the weather was perfect until we started our descent, the big rainstorm clouds were accented with smoke rising from the nearby forest fires. My dad continued to drive like a maniac in the torrential downpour, I was pretty relieved when the ground levelled out on the far side of the mountain range as we approached Vancouver.
The weather cleared and we waited a couple hours to board the ferry at Horseshoe Bay. I had my eyes and camcorder peeled for whale sightings on the water but there were none to be had that evening, unfortunately, however that didn’t ruin the view of the spectacular sunset on the Pacific.
Finally, we disembarked at Nanaimo. We still had almost an hour of driving to get to my step-uncle’s where we would be parked for the night and our backsides was screaming at that point. Nanoose Bay is populated by beautiful and mostly very expensive houses that perch and nest on the side of the mountains.
“Fuckin’ made it,” we said. Our relatives collected us, plied us with alcohol before settling us three, and the cat and dog that made the journey, into comfy guest bedrooms.
To be continued in Part 2.

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From Moose Jaw, SK to Nanaimo, BC | Cross Canada Travel Vlog