Super Girl @ CTC | Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools

Super Girl @ CTC | Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools

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As always, we are pleased to share an amazing story of dedication, determination and passion for learning. Let us introduce Sarah Dmytruk, a January graduate who not only completed the Level C Welding course through the Career Technical Centre (CTC) program in her Grade 11 year, she was also the top female student in the class. Normally, students are not accepted into the CTC Welding program until their Grade 12 year, so Sarah had to work really hard to convince staff that she should be accepted.

During her Grade 12 year, Sarah was in class at Dover Bay for half days and apprenticing at B&F Manufacturing, where she is continuing her apprenticeship and employment. Being the youngest employee and only female at B&F Manufacturing, Sarah says some of the staff have taken over as her dad there. It’s a real family atmosphere.

If completing her Welding course in her Grade 11 year and graduating ahead of schedule wasn’t enough, Sarah was able to use some valuable life-saving skills acquired from a summer first aid course in 2017 to assist a choking man unblock his airways.

Keep up the hard work, determination and passion for welding, Sarah. With the current need for skilled tradespeople in Canada, it’s a great career choice. 

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Super Girl @ CTC | Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools