NEW SEASON …Gold Prospecting on the North Saskatchewan River.

NEW SEASON ...Gold Prospecting on the North Saskatchewan River.
1st outing of the season.. Was planning on opening my season in BC.. unfortunately little to wet This year I do have a few trips planned up to my Claims in the Caribou region in BC on Antler Creek, We’ll also be prospecting the Cranbrook area on Perry Creek.

NEW SEASON …Gold Prospecting on the North Saskatchewan River.
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  1. I am heading up to the North Saskatchewan next year with my gold hog raptor 2.0 any suggestions where to start

  2. Good video I was wondering where you were. Thought BC at first and was wondering how you were getting away with a sluice dumping directly in the river. If you get caught doing that here you can loose all your gear as well as your vehicle and receive a hefty fine. But my guess is you know where you are and what you are doing, and I would guess you have about .76 grams in your pan. Where abouts on Antler Creek are you setting up? I lived in Wells many years ago and had a small working claim on the Cottonwood river just south of Wells a few miles and always found lots of fly poop gold, back then gold was only about $23 an oz. so it was ignored by most of the miners at that time.(40 yrs or so ago) I am planning a trip out that way later in the summer and would love to come by for a visit if it works. I live on the coast now so it takes a day or so to get out there and I'm driving my camper van so don't know how realistic that will be. GL&HH

  3. Awesome great to see yas back out there, hope you have a great season mate!I recon you got 0.91g of the nice small stuff?. Well done.

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