Pet Odor Removal From Area Rugs in Victoria BC – By Luv-A-Rug #2

Pet Odor Removal From Area Rugs in Victoria BC - By Luv-A-Rug #2
Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal From Area Rugs – The Luv-A-Rug Method [Part 2]


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Have your pets had any accidents on your area rugs?
Do your area rugs stink of pet urine?
Is the smell from your area rug beginning to make you feel embarrassed?

There is only one way to get all the urine from an area rug and that is to completely wash the rug all the way through and then rinse it repeatedly with clean water.

Luv-A-Rug’s method for cleaning pet urine involves 4 steps

1) Testing and soaking the rug
2) Shampooing the rug
3) Rinsing the rug
4) Drying the rug quickly

Most rug cleaners are only able to clean the surface the rug – not all the way down where the urine has soaked the entire fiber and foundation.

It takes specialized equipment to properly clean an area rug to the point where it is guaranteed to be completely clean and odor free.

The Luv-A-Rug Method only uses safe, non-toxic shampoo to break down and emulsify the dirt and pet urine. That is then followed by repeatedly flushing and extracting the rug with nothing but clean fresh water while inside a specially designed rug spinner.

The Luv-A-Rug Method does not use any perfumes or deodorizers to cover up smells. Nor does it use any optical brighteners or bleach on the rug to artificially enhance the look of the rug.

With the Luv-A-Rug Method, you will fall in love with your rug all over again. It will feel soft and fluffy and come home smelling fresh and clean (pet odors removed) and looking like it did when you first bought it.

In this video Stephen “Dusty” Roberts explains and demonstrates Part 2 of the Luv-A-Rug cleaning method and why it is the most superior way of cleaning rugs on the entire planet.

Pet Odor Removal From Area Rugs in Victoria BC – By Luv-A-Rug #2
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