RAW FOOTAGE: Women’s March Canada in Victoria BC (PT2)

RAW FOOTAGE: Women's March Canada in Victoria BC (PT2)
Women, men, and children congregated at the Centennial Square in Victoria, BC on January 20th, 2018. Women’s rights were the main topic, but an amalgamation of anti-Trump messages were incorporated as it was the 1st anniversary of the women’s march against Trump. Hundreds, if not thousands showed up to hear speakers and music in the Centennial Square, the public marched down Government Street to the Legislature lawn where the group posed for pictures and exchange conversation.

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RAW FOOTAGE: Women’s March Canada in Victoria BC (PT2)
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2 thoughts on “RAW FOOTAGE: Women’s March Canada in Victoria BC (PT2)”

  1. Good vid Bruce. Its too bad these women who think everyone has rights… do not think unborn babies have rights. That is disturbing. Im not surprised it came to an anti Trump thing. My sister, who holds a masters degree, talked to all her feminazi women friends and they commiserated in tears over many glasses of wine at the unfairness of the Trump election the night he was voted in. I asked her… You do know you live in Canada RIGHT? LOL Which made me laugh hysterically and tell her liberalism is a mental illness LOL.

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