Roadtrip to TOFINO!!!

Roadtrip to TOFINO!!!
Way back in June the squad finally managed to get together and set out on a road trip that first thought about doing last year. We left our home town of kamloops at 1am with no sleep but high hopes and made our way down to tofino where we explored the forests and the beaches.

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cameras used
Sony A7iii
Sony RX100mV
Iphone SE
DJI mavic pro

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Roadtrip to TOFINO!!!
Canadian Riviera

3 thoughts on “Roadtrip to TOFINO!!!”

  1. So I just watched this now because I’m a bad friend. The best part is definitely Brandon not knowing how to sit on a hecking rope swing 😂

  2. @ 6:07 that is a terrible gun set up, but amazing editing ! Disappointed the knock knock joke got cut, forever wondering who was there

  3. Freaking cold water!!!!! You guys are nuts.

    For your next trip to the island try mystic beach. Is a 2 Km from the parking lot and is amazing!

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