Saanich BC punishment pass against a cyclist.

Saanich BC punishment pass against a cyclist.
Mann Ave at Wilkinson Rd. As I was preparing to turn left, a truck with contracting company markings approached at high speed, tailgated, honked at me and attempted to run me into a parked vehicle. Good Guy Saanich PD was on point!


I was contacted by the owner of the company who’s markings appear on the side of the truck and he had the following to say.


Regarding the video you posted mentioning my business, I would like to apologize on behalf of my employee. I am sorry about what happened. I will talk to him on Monday about how he was driving because that is unacceptable.

I would like to ask you to remove the company name from your youtube video title and from the facebook post. I understand your frustration but this was an incident between you and someones personal vehicle who is simply supporting the business with a sticker and it is showing my company in a negative light.

As a fellow cyclist Im glad you’re documenting incidents like this and that you brought this to my attention. Im sure the ticket has taught him a lesson and once again I will speak with him on Monday about his driving.

My apologies.”

then on Monday, I received this followup:

“Hello again,

I’ve talked to the employee today about his driving and have written him up for the incident.

He handled the situation very poorly and once again on behalf of my company and the individual I am glad you’re ok and that nothing happened.

I have also gotten him to remove my sticker from his personal vehicle.

My apologies,”

Saanich BC punishment pass against a cyclist.
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  1. hi

    i make compilations about bad drivers,may i use this video?

    you will be credited

  2. Holy crap, move your fat ass over. That truck could have passed you like ten times before you got to the parked car.

  3. I just DO NOT get why you have so many dislikes. Cyclists bother me a lot, don't get me wrong…but that's not to say car drivers are better.

    People are just mad because you're a cyclist. Roads will not become safer until both, cyclists AND drivers can learn to co-exist without wanting to kill one another (especially car drivers).

    Glad you're okay and he totally deserved that!

  4. Dangerous pass but their was plenty of room for both of you before the parked cars. You could have shared the road. You both are dangerous and give drivers and cyclists bad name

  5. It's truly amazing to see so many comments from people who apparently drive while not knowing the laws at all. You see it on all of these types of videos involving a cyclist. Are there no requirements for getting driver's licenses where you nutters are from?

    The cyclist is just doing what he's supposed to in the video, how can people look at this video and blame the cyclist? He's the one obeying the law. He's riding exactly where he's supposed to, and it's not his problem that an impatient drivers wants to pass him, just like it isn't if you're driving a car. If someone wants to pass another person in traffic that's their problem and they'll have to wait until it's safe and legal to do so, it's not up to the person in front of them to pull over and let them pass or whatever.

    And why on earth are people even bringing up the speed limit? It's called the limit ffs, it's not a requirement but an absolute limit for how fast you're allowed to go. It doesn't matter at all that the cyclist can't reach that limit, there's no requirement to do so.

    You often see people saying things like "He should ride on the sidewalk!" etc. as well which again just shows a baffling ignorance about the traffic laws. That's illegal in most places, unless there's a dedicated cycling lane/path the bicycles go on the road, and not squeezed up against the curb either. It's exactly because of dumb ass drivers that cyclists are meant to take up that much space on the road, obviously they don't need that much space but because of retards in cars not having the first clue about the traffic laws or simply not caring, a lot of countries make those kinds of laws for cyclists to take up the entire lane. It makes it easier for retards in cars if they don't have to know cycling-specific laws but simply have to treat cyclists like any other vehicle on the road.

    So all the car drivers can thank all the shitty, ignorant car drivers out there for laws like these. If only they'd drive responsibly, not pass cyclists when there's no room, not drive right up the ass of cyclists etc. there'd be no need for cyclists to ride in the middle, because clearly it's not that the bicycle actually takes up that space. It's simply a way to stay safe and hopefully not get hit by shitty drivers.

  6. Hi Pheonix Alight, great video! This is a Cycliq camera and we would love to get the footage. Is there someone we can contact for this? Alternatively if it can be emailed to that would be fantastic. Thank you.

  7. All I see is another wobbly idiot of a cyclist riding up the middle of the road. You'll never be able to pedal as fast as a car can drive, you could have easily moved behind that van and let him pass.

  8. Holy shit, glad you're ok! I ride a recumbent trike with a service dog on the back, I had a few close calls with big truck idiots when I was living in Ottawa (nothing here in Vic yet thankfully). Too bad they can't get charged with attempted manslaughter, that's exactly what it is… 🙁

  9. Don’t you think “vehicular assault against cyclist” is a stretch and a half here? Give up the click bait man, it’s pathetic.

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