The City of Victoria, BC is ERADICATING history!

The City of Victoria, BC is ERADICATING history!
Victoria, BC will be removing a statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, from Victoria City Hall as part of the city’s reconciliation efforts.

True North Initiative fellow Andrew Lawton says this is embracing political correctness at the expense of history.

What do you think?

The City of Victoria, BC is ERADICATING history!
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9 thoughts on “The City of Victoria, BC is ERADICATING history!”

  1. Few know the true reasons for the establishment of the Dominion of Canada (1867-1965 … "Canada" 1965-current) in 1867. In the year 1862 the Duke of Newcastle borrowed 12M pounds of sterling money in order to construct useless and pointless rail lines from Nova Scotia to Montreal. There was a line from Portland Maine running into Montreal at the time.

    The loan was to mature December 1867 so a need to renegotiate the loan. So, the scheme involved the concentration of the debts of the 3 provinces into one central governing body ergo the Dominion of Canada. There had to be a pledge or support for the loan by way collateral of which the proceeds of the land, due the Indians by way of Treaties-contracts. In 1868 MacDonald caused the Department of Secretary of State Act to be invented. This provided a means of taking land from enfranchised Indians. Enfranchised Indians are other than Indians as they are property of the governing structure. In 1869 the Act to PROVIDE for the GRADUAL enfranchisement of the Indians was invented. The "Indians" chose a name to be known as under the franchise. Once franchised they lost their standing as Anishinaabeg ("Indians").

    1870 saw Buffalo Bill and the slaughter of the Buffalo as a means to lay siege over the Plains Anishinaabeg. Vatican also used famine in Ireland and Ukraine under Stalin. Siege will also be used by Vatican to by-pass the 2nd Amendment in the 13 Colonies soon.

    With the food source dwindling Vatican offered the so-called "Morris Treaties": 1, 2, 3, etc. Those treaties were sent to England, forged, then sent back 10 years later. With the necessary statutes invented to undertake LawFare MacDonald then invented the racist-genocidal "Indian Act" which led to the Residential Schools.

    The aforementioned is an overview of what MacDonald was up to so we can understand the lie and damage MacDonald and the other railroad lawyers caused to a race of people. The genocide continues with the deliberate influx of the Normans which is history repeating itself as evidenced in the Syrian Refugee Crisis of 1066 England!

    Now you know.

  2. Canada is useless of a country anyway. If someone were parthenogenetically reproduced, they couldn't even get proper DNA testing to determine paternity under your current health care system.

  3. this should not be happening, whomever is responsible needs a few years in a quarry moving stones, that will cure them,, tommy douglas was a fabian socialist!

  4. Disgraceful to be tearing down HISTORY!!!!!! Absolutely pathetic and the CBC Youtube doesn't even allow comments. This is wrong. We all learn and grow and evolve – NO person is perfect then or now. Slowly Canada is being disfigured, torn down and wiped of its cultural history. Just the beginning everybody….. whats next on the "discrimination" list and non-politically correct actions that happened in our history. We are one of the best country's in the world so clearly it wouldn't be here without people like John A McDonald – may he rest in peace as we dismantle his memorials.

  5. Id love it if they would just take the next logical step and start attacking public schooling and health in general, hell, maybe we can get rid of confederation! Nevermind just #Quebexit, lets make Upper Canada Great Again!

  6. This is an example of why Canada has no culture or history we can revere.  If it is not politically correct …..we erase it.  This was a founding father, the First PM.  Can you imagine if the Americans were asked to remove George Washington's statues due to his participation in the French and Indian War?  NOT FRIGGIN' LIKELY!   I know this is BC, the land of fruits and nuts, but I believe this is a "Canadian thing" overall…..we have such an inferiority complex so worried, how we will be perceived, agree with Joan below my comment, you can't delete just because 100 years ago standards were different.  Its called progress and history.    Anyway….just give the Indians another billion or so, they'll let us keep any statue we want up!  John Tory, where are you , this sounds like something you and your left wings and assholes at Toronto City Hall would dream up.

  7. Wow. I agree, why are we trying to hold people of the past up to today's standards and beliefs. Things were so different then. Not everyone who advocated for residential schools was a monster. You never hear about the natives who had a good experience in their residential school. But there were many. The world has lost it's mind.

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