PLEASUREWAY TOFINO // walk through TOUR 2019 FL RV Supershow

PLEASUREWAY TOFINO // walk through TOUR 2019 FL RV Supershow

This is a walk and talk tour of the Pleasure-Way Tofino as seen at the 2019 FL RV Supershow.
I think this is an exciting entry into the class B rv / campervan market – a great daily driver come weekend home base for the adventurer to get out and explore in all climates.
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The Pleasure-Way Tofino is built on the 1500 Dodge Ram Promaster chassis.
It comes in at just under 18’ long, making it one of the shortest recreational vehicles on the market.
Not only is it short, but it is not a hightop, which is what you normally see for RV’s. The advantage of this is that it comes in at at just over 8’ high, which means you can park it in most garages or parking lots.
I think this makes it amazingly versatile for maneuvering through city streets and windy roads alike, and it’s engine allows for good towing and cargo capacity.
It has a pop top which allows for sleeping (up to 300lb capacity) and a jackknife style bench seat which turns into a bed.
The galley boasting a sink, induction cooktop and a propane furnace.
Touting to be an all season vehicle, with interior water lines and extra insulation, is has fresh water tank capacity of 15 gallons and 8 gallon grey tank.
It does not have a toilet, but does have a portable toilet option.
As with all the Pleasureway vehicles, it comes with a 5yr, 60000mile warranty.

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PLEASUREWAY TOFINO // walk through TOUR 2019 FL RV Supershow