Ucluelet BC South Bank Salmon Fishing in a Small Boat

Ucluelet BC South Bank Salmon Fishing in a Small Boat
Ucluelet British Columbia is one of our favorite Salmon Fishing destinations on Vancouver Island. Despite not having the Trophy this year due to Engine trouble we took advantage of a calm day and headed out to Ucluelet. After almost sinking the boat the day prior from a livewell water intake pump breaking we were back out in the big ocean the next day. We tried in close without much action besides some rockfish and lingcod. Since the weather seemed like it was staying calm we headed offshore for the afternoon to see what was cooking at south bank. In no time at all was started marking nice bait schools near bottom and the downrigger releases were popping in no time. The key ticket this day was the Gibb Delta Skinny G spoon in green and while or cop car. Didn’t seem to matter. We couldn’t get a fish to take the hootchie but spoons were the big ticket item. Even caught a chicken Halibut and 7 legal chinook in our afternoon on the bank. What a great day with the family. Sorry didn’t end up getting more footage. Fishing was too fast and crazy. Thanks for watching as always. Don’t forget to Subscribe and hit the notification Bell for our next video!

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Ucluelet BC South Bank Salmon Fishing in a Small Boat
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