VAN LIFE IN TOFINO //whales, hot springs + bears, oh my!

VAN LIFE IN TOFINO //whales, hot springs + bears, oh my!
Van Life in Tofino (Vancouver Island, Canada) w/ whales + bears 🙂
Ahhh, living in a van is a dream when it makes days like today a reality for us. Today, we head out to Tofino’s Hot Springs Cove and search for bears, whales and other wildlife along the way! A day in the life of a vanlifer isn’t complete with a yummy meal cooked in your tiny home on wheels and a lovely beach campfire (with vegan smores, of course).

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VAN LIFE IN TOFINO //whales, hot springs + bears, oh my!
Canadian Riviera

14 thoughts on “VAN LIFE IN TOFINO //whales, hot springs + bears, oh my!”

  1. I have officially binge watched every single video and now I'm sad that I have to wait for videos lol

  2. great vid… I hate to letch, but forgive me for admitting bec is sooooo fekin sexy she's gonna break the interweb… holy moly and she doesn't need to try… you'll never do better eamon ma boy… he's cute too…

  3. Oh my geez! This is a beautiful video! I would have loved to be on this adventure! You guys rock, keep doing you!👍🤗💗

  4. I love watching your videos you’re the cutest people, think I’ve binged through about 10 today😂

  5. Lov Bec! The singing was awesome, love how Eamon jumped right in with the dancing. You guys are rock stars!!!

  6. I just discovered you guys and haven't stopped watching! hahah

    I was in Tofino last April and we went to the same hot springs! I believe we left around…..10am? I think when we docked there was one group leaving, I think we were about hour in before i noticed an other tour group, so everyone sorta had time to enjoy the hot springs before it would be too crowded. The swells were insane on our way there as we were trying to spot some whales. so we took a more scenic view and calmer waters on our way back. Would 100% go again!

  7. i found you guys and needless to say i have post notifications on and love every second of your videos!! ive lived on vancouver island every summer ever since i was young so its so cool to watch videos of places ive been!! you guys rock, love the van

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