Vancouver Island Rv Living Leaving Nainamo Lake Cowichan Pine Point Rec Site

Vancouver Island Rv Living   Leaving Nainamo    Lake Cowichan   Pine Point Rec Site
Vancouver Island Rv Living – Leaving Nainamo – Lake Cowichan – Pine Point Rec Site – We hit the road again as our stay in Nanaimo comes to an end.

With our art commitments in the Nanaimo, Bc area finished we decide to continue to explore Vancouver Island. We head to the Duncan area to visit some great friends and find some relaxation at the pine point rec site on Lake Cowichan.

The Pine Point Recreation Site is located along Youbou Rd. just east of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, BC. You must take a bumpy forestry road to access the rec site. Take extra care as these roads are dirt/gravel roads and are in fairly rough shape. The road conditions can change with wet weather and may not be suitable for huge rigs.

Pine Point is a dry camp, meaning there are no hookups, showers, sani dumps or even garbages. You just pack out everything you bring in so keep this in mind. We actually picked up a couple of furry hitchhikers (mice) because we didn’t have a proper storage solution for our trash so be sure to have a solution in place.

Boondocking on Vancouver Island is an amazing experience, but always make sure you’re prepared!

We enjoyed this Rec Site so much that we stayed for 4 nights. We snuck in a great visit with some friends and had an amazing time!

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We are Maddie and Mike and we are setting out on the adventure of a lifetime this summer. Join us as we hit the road and pursue our passions. We are artists and aspiring videographers/photographers who are using our passion for filmmaking to document our lives in preparation for a massive lifestyle change.

Now that we are living in an RV full time while traveling North America, we plan on uploading more often (pending our geographical location and availability of wifi).

We are full-time traveling artists and spend our free time relaxing in nature and exploring. Moving into an RV and traveling has been a dream of ours for a long time. We turned that dream into a goal and worked our asses off to save money, build a viable source of income on the road and minimize our possessions. We also reflected on what truly mattered in our lives. The apartment, cars, clothing and consumer products were actually consuming us! After months of purging and downsizing, we finally moved into our RV on May 15. We stayed for 2 months in an RV in Edmonton AB and saved on rent while continuing to work. This allowed the final push of saving money prior to taking off into the great unknown.

Now we are chasing adventure, seeking out new opportunities to display our art and make money while never forgetting to stop and smell the roses.

We are often faced with questions and comments regarding how we afford to live on the road in an RV. The truth is, saving enough money to take off was one of the easier parts of our preparation. Adjusting our daily and monthly habits to be as frugal as possible, learning how to be comfortable with less and developing a method to earn money from virtually anywhere were the real challenges. This lifestyle is addition by subtraction. Letting go of the routine, letting go of many of your possessions and letting go of the fear holding you back from such a big lifestyle change will grant you the freedom to actually LIVE your life. It may not be for everyone but life in an RV is definitely for us!

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Vancouver Island Rv Living Leaving Nainamo Lake Cowichan Pine Point Rec Site