Victoria, B.C. votes 7-1 to remove John. A. Macdonald statue

Victoria, B.C. votes 7-1 to remove John. A. Macdonald statue
A statue of John A. Macdonald is under debate in the City of Victoria. Historian Michel Duquet says it’s good for the Canadian public to discuss public the past and removing statues is ‘fair game.’

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Victoria, B.C. votes 7-1 to remove John. A. Macdonald statue
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13 thoughts on “Victoria, B.C. votes 7-1 to remove John. A. Macdonald statue”

  1. Good.
    I guess germany should have left Nazi statues up everywhere.
    Genocide is genocide.
    The country existed before him, as treaties and partnerships.
    MacDonald cult is over.

  2. And now Canada is one of the best countries in the World. We were a Colony and then we became great. Canada should be a GOOD example to other countries. Colonization does not cause bad countries.

  3. Youtube is shadowbanning comments on this video . Google Bloody Falls Massacre, and Indian Massacre of 1622 for a more a comprehensive Indigenous history.

  4. why can't they do something more constructive like cleaning up the sewer in the ocean instead of a statue

  5. Do you want Palmiria or the Pyramids? Canada is fighting over a corrupt education sytem. Canada was built on trading and not conquest. Great North company and the Hudson Bay Co history is there to see. Britan defeated the French in Canada Quebec still retains thier rights. Sitting Bull was welcome. But you want to judge our founding fathers principals in the era of Oliver Twist and Tom Sawyer, glowing times for everyone. Take the history and context away and we today can create monters out of all our forefathers. I would prefer to celebrate Tecumseh, Geronimo, Sitting Bull for thier contributions to Hitory and not count the scalps, slaves, or lives they took. Add context and educate. Even today Teachers still harass, and abuse students. The path to hell is paved with great intentions.

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